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  • Our current program offering is hybrid. It consists of two weeks of remote learning with a mix of self-paced learning modules and live, virtual instruction followed by six weeks of in-person training at our Providence training facility. For more information, please visit the Curriculum section within the About menu.

  • MDSI offers non-degree vocational education programs designed to help prepare students for a medical device career. Our current offering is an 8-week Spine and Ortho-biologics course. The emphasis of the program is to provide students with the Clinical, Technical, and Sales acumen required to get hired into an entry-level medical device role.

  • While the decision to work while attending a full-time educational program is a personal one, our course of study is rigorous and includes 241 hours of coursework over the 8-week program. Attendance is mandatory and students can anticipate being at the facility for a minimum of 8 hours per day during the onsite portion of the course. In addition, students should expect to dedicate an estimated 20 hours of self-study each week.

  • Minimum requirements for entrance into the program have been established to ensure that students will be able to not only handle the coursework, but also be eligible for hire after program completion. These requirements include:

    • 18+ years old

    • US Citizen

    • A high school diploma (or GED equivalence)

    • Relevant post-secondary experience (business-to-business sales, medical) and/or education (associate or bachelor’s degree) will be preferred.

    • Completion of required prerequisite coursework (see next question)

    • Mathematics: Four years of high school courses (Algebra 2 minimum)

    • Science (Chemistry and Biology with labs)

    • English (4 years)

  • “Experiential Learning” is an educational philosophy and methodology in which students “learn-by-doing.” By engaging in a direct, hands-on learning experience and then reflecting upon that experience, participants connect classroom knowledge to real-world experiences. At MDSI, experiential learning takes place in a state-of-the-art cadaver lab. Here, you will be asked to demonstrate your ability to uncover the needs of the customer through effective planning and communication, to differentiate your product in sales scenarios and to support clinical cases in an operative setting. In short, we prepare you to perform all aspects of the medical device sales role at a high-level throughout the training using “Experiential Learning”.

  • The material within the course of study at MDSI will involve a variety of scientific and technical concepts, including, but not limited to:

    • Anatomy and Physiology

    • Degenerative Disorders and Disease Pathologies

    • Imaging (X-Ray, MRI, and CT)

    • Medical Engineering Terms and Concepts

    • Bone Healing and Biologics

    • Implant Design

    • Instrumentation Assembly and Use

    • Surgical Procedures

    These subjects and subsequent work in the field require a minimum of a strong high school-level vocabulary and computational acumen.

  • Step 1: Complete the online application (Click Here to Apply)

    Step 2: Complete Online Interview

    (if selected for this phase)

    Step 3: Identify and contact references. The initial application does not require references; however, we will ask for at least two references (Teachers, Employers, Community Service Managers, etc.) who can speak to your work ethic, academic curiosity, and overall competence for the role if you meet our requirements for admission.

    Step 4: Submit Transcripts and/or Other Documents you deem relevant.

    Step 5: Accept Offer (if selected).

  • MDSI has a rolling admissions policy. Therefore, there is no single admissions window within which all candidates for a particular program must apply. Rolling admissions allow candidates to apply at any time. If a candidate is accepted, they will have an opportunity to choose a course date for which they can meet the logistical requirements for attendance within 12 months from acceptance.

  • Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement via email. If any components are missing and/or we require additional information from you, we will notify you (generally via email). It can take 2-3 weeks after receipt of your application to review your qualifications, complete the interview, and notify you of the admissions committee’s decision. You can always ask questions by emailing Peter (; or Steve ( In most cases we will respond within 24 hours.

  • MDSI has an equal opportunity recruitment and admissions policy. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender or gender identity, age, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. While there is no specific “type” of person admitted to the program, we are seeking individuals that have a diverse combination of skills to include: learning aptitude, demonstrated grit in the face of adversity, high integrity and character, strong interpersonal skills, and enthusiasm for the medical device sales role.

    • Academic Background

    • Relevant Work Experience (particularly past B2B sales or medical experience)

    • Strong Interview Results

    • Demonstrated Understanding of the Demands of both the Program and the Medical Device Sales Role

    • Positive References

  • You must complete the onsite portions of the course (6 out of the 8 weeks) in-person at our Providence Rhode Island facility. This hands-on experience is a fundamentally important part of our program.

  • As a licensed school approved and regulated by The Rhode Island Office of the Post-Secondary Commssioner (RIOPC), MDSI is prohibited from guaranteeing job placement.  However, as outlined below, career support and resources are available to every student while taking course and after receiving a certificate of completion.  Through an extensive network of industry leaders, MDSI's executive team has cultivated strong and enduring relationships with over 400+ medical device companies that continuously search for talented sales personnel to fill entry-level roles. 

    • Job search and placement services led by an experienced career advisor;

    • Networking opportunities that connect you with local and national employers;

    • Resume and cover letter assistance;

    • Learn interview techniques;

    • Interview practice sessions with medical device business partner

  • To reserve a spot in a course, a $500 deposit is required.  Full payment for course is due 30 days prior to course start date. 

    MDSI offers a financing option through Meritize, click HERE to learn more.

Medical Device Sales Institute
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About Our Medical Device Sales Program

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