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Surgical implant and instruments example
MRI Image
Med Device Sales rep engagnement and conversation with surgeon.


MDSI's proprietary knowledge-based program modules are carefully constructed as a foundation for experiential and “hands-on” performance-oriented training; enabling a fully integrated, powerful, and dynamic learning platform where students master clinical and technical skills and the associated connectivity to real-world duties, tasks, and responsibilities as a medical device spine representative.

Classroom curriculum and instruction is adapted to ensure student's master content.  Prior to each class, a course syllabus is distributed outlining the day's learning objectives and activity. At the end of each learning session, instructors review upcoming assignments and host a round-table discussion to emphasize learning expectations.

MDSI learning platform

Curriculum For Our Medical Device Sales Training Program

Throughout our 4-week program, you will gain proficiency in essential areas such as basic anatomy, instrumentation and equipment, medical terminology, and pathology commonly seen in orthopaedic spine surgery procedures.

Not only will you master the principles of biologic implants and bone biology, but you will also become well-versed in operating room (O.R.) protocols, HIPPA compliance, and industry regulations.


Orthopaedic Spine & Biologics Sales Course

Dr Hardenbrook teaching implant and instrumentation to MDSI students

During our 4-week program, students will have the opportunity to participate in saw bone and human cadaveric experiential Lab training in a simulated operating room environment.  Graduates are employable throughout the United States. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion in Orthopaedic Spine and Biologics Sales Program. 

Join us at the Medical Device Sales Institute and become a skilled and knowledgeable representative in the spine medical device industry.

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